Providers at SPRC have extensive experience in all aspects of pain management. They have received training from top experts in their field and continuously strive to keep up with the latest advancements in medical technology and techniques. Find out why board certification is important! Their ultimate goal is to return their patients to the functional life that they seek and they utilize a “multi-modal” or integrative approach in order to do so.”

Manonmani Antony, MD, ABIPP

Dr. Antony started SPRC in 2010 after realizing Delaware patients urgently needed more interventional pain options. With a background in advance pain relief techniques and exposure to the cutting-edge medicines and technology, she started a pain relief movement that emphasized function over meds. Dr. Antony uses an evidence-based methodology and patient education to tailor a treatment for each patient while augmenting their recovery with multidisciplinary therapies.

Bhawna Jha, MD, DABPN

Dr Jha is a gifted physician with the specialized training vital to diagnose and develop treatment strategies for patients with neuropathic pain conditions. She is an expert at guiding her patients to long-term pain relief by promoting long-lasting drug-free solutions such as interventional procedures that reduce recovery times over pharmacological-dependent solutions and invasive surgery. She is passionate about helping others and is always looking for an opportunity to connect with those who are less fortunate.

Debra Lynn Hayes, MSN, APRN

Debra is a provider of the highest order of integrity and is an experienced, compassionate practitioner with extensive experience in pain management. She utilizes her time with her patients to thoroughly review patient records and prior medical history before formulating a treatment plan that provides pain relief while accounting for her patients' hectic schedules. A native of Delaware and a detail-oriented individual who deeply cares about the welfare of her patients, Debra is committed to providing optimal care for fellow members of her Sussex County community.

Joan Haynes, APRN

An experienced provider who is intensely passionate about educationg patients so as to empower them to participate in their treatment regimens, Joan is uniquely equipped with the knowledge, training, and communication skills necessary to guide patients to take charge of their health.